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What is Orange?

Orange is a voice-to-content tool that transforms spoken words into organized, structured text, like reports, and assessments.

Unlike standard voice-to-text tools, Orange adapts to different professional jargons, formatting styles, and templates, creating not just transcribed text but structured, professional content.

Orange is beneficial for educators, medical professionals, business managers, journalists, researchers, and anyone who needs to transform voice recordings into structured, professional content.

– Existing users such as medical professionals, consultants and teachers have reported that they reduced their time spent by over 50%, making their workflow more efficient.

Yes, Orange is designed to adapt to a variety of formatting styles and structured templates, based on the user’s needs.
Absolutely, Orange is versatile enough to be used across different fields, adapting to their specific jargon and content structuring needs.
Orange integrates with multiple AI service providers to ensure high levels of accuracy in both transcription and structuring of content, maintaining coherence and quality.
No, Orange is designed with an intuitive interface, making it accessible to users of all technical skill levels.
Yes, we support over 100+ languages for both transcriptions and creating content.
Absolutely! With Orange, you have the flexibility to use your own API keys from AI service providers like OpenAI and Deepgram. This means you only pay us a nominal annual fee for using Orange, and you directly manage and pay for the AI services you use. This setup not only gives you more control over your usage but can also be cost-effective, as you only pay for what you actually process and generate through these providers.
We provide email support and you can reach us on for any assistance.

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