Generating structured content from voice recordings of clinical interviews, meetings or consultations

Effortlessly convert spoken words into organized, professionally structured content.

A brief introduction on the challenges of generating structured notes from interviews/clinical consultations and meetings.

Producing well-structured notes from clinical interviews or consultations is an essential component of providing holistic care for patients. However, this task can strain your resources, taking up to 30% of your work hours. The need for accuracy, clarity, and thoroughness only adds to the complexity and time-consuming nature of this endeavour.

The solution provided by Orange

Our voice-to-content tool takes the burden off your shoulders, effortlessly converting your spoken words into organized, professional content. Orange is a tool designed for medical professionals, able to understand and adapt to specific professional jargon, formatting styles, and structured templates. This sophisticated technology eliminates the tedium of manual transcription, allowing you to focus more on your primary mission of patient care.

Benefits and Efficiency Increases Using Orange

With Orange, you can reduce the time spent on creating structured content by over 50%, amplifying your workflow’s efficiency and effectiveness. This tool ensures your generated content maintains a high level of coherence and quality, removing the common pitfalls of ambiguity or misinterpretation. More than just a transcription service, Orange helps in transforming voice recordings into structured, professional content with ease and precision.

Preconditions and Assumptions

Outline of Preconditions – Scope of Orange

As a voice-to-content tool, Orange has been designed considering the daily challenges faced by professionals, especially medical professionals, who need to convert numerous voice recordings into well-structured, professional content. The scope of Orange extends to transforming both direct voice recordings made on the platform and uploading existing recordings into content that maintains both coherence and quality. However, to gain the most from Orange, you need to ensure that your audio quality is good, so the transcription is accurate.

Assumptions – Professional Understanding of Clinical Jargon, Basic Tech Proficiency

Orange has been built with the capability to adapt to professional jargon, including clinical terminology. It’s assumed that as a medical professional, you have a comprehensive understanding of the jargon relevant to your field. When using Orange, you can expect your specific vocabulary to be recognized and accurately transcribed into the structured content.

In terms of technical proficiency, Orange features an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate. The platform assumes a basic level of tech proficiency for tasks like account creation, uploading files, and editing content. Essential elements are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring you can use the platform effectively without advanced technical skills.

Getting Started with Orange

In this section, we will guide you through the quick and easy process to start generating structured, professional content with Orange.

Registration and Login Process

Starting your journey with Orange involves a simple registration process. To create an account, you are required to provide basic, essential information. Once an account is created, you can log in and access Orange’s advanced voice-to-content features.

Overview of Orange’s Intuitive Interface

Unlike many professional tools that demand a steep learning curve, Orange is designed to be straightforward and intuitive. Its friendly user interface is accessible to users of all technical skill levels. You won’t need any specific technical skills to navigate and utilize the platform resources. From the recording to the content generation functionality, every feature serves its purpose and is made easily accessible.

Guide for Device Compatibility and No Need for High-End Equipment

One of the many benefits of using Orange is its compatibility with a wide range of devices. You don’t need a high-end, specialized device to capture and generate professional content. An internet-connected device with a microphone is generally all that is required to take full advantage of Orange’s capabilities. The powerful AI algorithms integrated with Orange do the heavy lifting, transforming your voice recordings into structured, organized text. This means that you can focus on delivering the content, while Orange takes care of structuring it professionally based on templates that you’ve defined.

Creating Structured Content: A Step-by-step guide

The process of transcribing and turning your voice recordings into well-structured, professional content with Orange involves three main steps: Direct Recording on Orange or Uploading Existing Recordings, creating a reusable template and Generating the Structured Content. Let’s walk through each of them.

Direct Recording on Orange or Uploading Existing Recordings

Orange provides a hassle-free way to record voice directly within the interface.

  1. Click on transcriptions in the main menu and click the record button in the application to start a recording
  2. Speak clearly for best results, alternatively, use the upload option to use an existing recording and click on the “Transcribe” button.
  3. The application begins the transcription process in the background and will notify you once the transcription is complete. The time taken to transcribe a recording takes an average of 30 seconds, however, this may vary depending on the complexity of the recording.

Pro Tip: Ensure a quiet environment for the best quality recordings. Signal strength, background noise, and clarity of speech can affect the transcription quality.

Uploading Existing Recordings

If you have already completed your interviews or consultations, Orange allows you to upload existing recordings for transcription and structuring.

  1. Click on transcriptions in the main menu and click on the upload button and select your file, making certain it’s in a supported format.
  2. If there’s an error during the upload, check the file size and format, and retry.
  3. Click on the “Transcribe” button. The application begins the transcription process in the background and will notify you once the transcription is complete. The time taken to transcribe a recording takes an average of 30 seconds, however, this may vary depending on the complexity of the recording.

Remember, the quality of your recording significantly impacts the transcription results. If you encounter repeated errors, reach out to our support team for assistance.

Generating the Structured Content

Upon successful transcription, Orange allows you to use its robust AI capabilities to convert your voice to structured text with great accuracy.

  1. Click on the “Content” option in the main menu to select your transcription and a template (Create one if you haven’t already).
  2. Orange scans the transcription understands the context from the included professional jargon, and structures the content accordingly.
  3. You can select from a variety of formatting styles and structured templates based on your needs.
  4. Orange’s technology ensures the output content is coherent, meaningful, and precise and maintains the human-level output.

Managing and Editing Generated Content

Once Orange generates your structured content, you can easily manage and edit it further. Whether it’s correcting a few words or refactoring entire paragraphs, it’s all possible in a simple editor.

Specifics for Clinical Consultations

As a medical professional, your ability to interpret complex clinical jargon into well-structured notes can make a significant difference in care delivery and research. Orange is designed specifically to mitigate this challenge and enhance your documentation process. Here’s how:

Adapting to Clinical Jargon

Orange’s sophisticated Artificial Intelligence understands and adapts to the unique clinical jargon, transforming spoken medical terms into structured, professional text. Its algorithm is designed to recognize sector-specific terminologies and abbreviations, ensuring precision in creating content that is pertinent to the healthcare industry.

Use of Templates and Formatting for Medical Use Cases

Are you used to a specific format or structure for documenting your clinical interviews or consultations? Orange’s got you covered. It enables you to create a variety of medical templates and formatting styles to suit your distinct requirements. Here’s how Orange facilitates this:

  1. Create templates: Create templates to generate structured content that fits your specific medical field or consultation type.
  2. Flexibility: Orange’s flexible system allows you to customize the templates according to your needs, offering you the freedom to structure your notes as required.
  3. Consistency: With consistent use of the same template, the generated content maintains a standardized format, promoting a consistent documentation approach.

With Orange, your voice recordings are more than just transcribed text; they become well-structured, professional, and easy-to-understand clinical notes that are reusable.

20 Use Cases Medical Professionals can use Voice-to-text

Below are tailored use cases that showcase Orange’s adaptability to the specific demands of clinical consultations:

  1. Patient Record Transcription: Swiftly transcribe medical dictations into comprehensive patient records.
  2. Clinical Interview Notes: Capture key details from clinical interactions into structured notes.
  3. Medical Memo Organization: Transform voice memos into easily retrievable medical documentation.
  4. Progress Note Drafting: Convert verbal communications into detailed discharge summaries and progress notes.
  5. Operative Report Synthesis: Accurately document operative procedures from spoken descriptions.
  6. Patient History Documentation: Compile patient histories into coherent narratives from recorded interviews.
  7. Referral Letter Creation: Generate precise referral letters from orally provided information.
  8. Prescription Documentation: Translate verbal medical directives into formalized written prescriptions for patient records.
  9. Meeting and Conference Records: Turn audio recordings of professional gatherings into formal minutes or comprehensive reports.
  10. Healthcare Team Coordination: Enhance team collaboration through clear documentation of transcribed discussions.
  11. Chart Updates: Efficiently update patient charts with verbal contributions from healthcare staff.
  12. Phone Consultation Records: Document crucial information from phone consultations into organized records for future reference.
  13. Research Documentation: Create structured and detailed notes from oral research interviews and discussions.
  14. Medical Protocol Development: Aid in the standardization of medical protocols via accurately transcribed professional input.
  15. Clinical Trial Reporting: Streamline documentation of trial observations, outcomes, and patient feedback through efficient voice-to-text conversion.
  16. Adverse Event Logging: Enhance the recording of adverse events or side effects with precise transcription into structured reports.
  17. Telemedicine Documentation: Improve telehealth services by transcribing and documenting virtual consultations.
  18. Educational Material Compilation: Facilitate learning by transcribing educational sessions and lectures for future reference.
  19. Case Study Dissemination: Share valuable case studies and grand rounds with peers through meticulous transcription.
  20. Quality Assurance Analysis: Utilize verbal feedback to improve medical practices, transcribing it into actionable data for quality analysis.

Pricing Plans for Professionals

Free Trial Offer

At Orange, we understand the importance of experiencing a service before committing to it. Therefore, we offer a 14-day free trial to all new users. This lets you explore and understand the potential benefits and efficiency gains of creating structured notes using a voice-to-text conversion tool like Orange.

Sign up to start your free trial today and transform your voice recordings into structured, organized text.

Pro Plan for Professionals

Are you a medical professional dealing with numerous clinical interviews or consultations? Do you wish to cut the time spent on creating structured content by over 50%? The Pro plan is designed for you.

Enterprise Plan for Larger Teams

For larger medical teams or businesses, we offer a customized Enterprise plan. We understand that each team has a unique workflow and requirements, hence, we customize our offer to provide the maximum value to your team including on-premise installations. To discuss and understand more about our Enterprise plan, feel free to Get in touch with us.

No matter the plan you choose, Orange ensures you spend less time documenting and more time on tasks that truly make a difference in your field.

Data Handling and Privacy

Data collection and use

Your privacy matters to us at Orange. We conscientiously collect and handle your data to offer you a seamless experience with our services. When you register on Orange, user-provided information is collected to improve your experience and deliver tailored services. Details such as your name, email address, and professional details are collected at the point of registration.

As you interact with the Orange platform, automated information collection techniques are deployed. This helps us understand the use patterns and enables us to enhance platform performance and the user experience. Automated data collection includes details such as your IP address, browser type, and interaction details.

The collected data is used solely to offer customized and improved services. We treat your data with the utmost respect and follow rigorous protocols to ensure data security.

Security measures for protecting user data

At Orange, we follow industry-standard security protocols to safeguard your data. We are committed to securing your personal information and protecting your privacy. Our steadfast dedication to privacy practice compliance ensures your data is handled meticulously and securely.

We deploy a host of security measures that protect against unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction of your data stored on our platform. We remain committed to constant upgradation and assessment of our systems in order to fortify our data security measures. The data security measures we employ reflect our unwavering commitment to your privacy and trust.

Remember, whilst we take all the necessary measures to protect your data, it’s also critical that you also adhere to basic security measures. Never share your passwords and modify them periodically to keep your account secure and safe.

Support and Assistance

As a determined medical professional, your focus is paramount. Therefore, Orange’s ardent team is here to ensure that your focus remains on important tasks rather than worrying about technical issues. Orange support is enthusiastic and readily available to assist you with any challenges you might encounter.

Reaching Orange Support

Should you face any hurdles or require clarification regarding the usage, the first line of support is available to you via email. Feel free to drop us a line at

Our customer service team is dedicated to addressing your concerns promptly and with the utmost priority.

Importance of User Feedback

To persist on the path of continuous growth and improvement, we rely heavily on your experience and feedback. Our goal is to shape Orange to best cater to the needs of all dedicated professionals, particularly those in the medical field.

  • Are the clinical jargon templates serving you well?
  • Is the transcription and structuring of text from your clinical consultation voice recordings satisfactory?
  • Are you adapting well to our intuitive interface?

The answers to these questions and your overall experience matter to us immensely. We urge you to share your feedback, so we can refine Orange to better serve you and your equally dedicated peers.

In essence, while you strive to assist your patients, Orange is here to support you. Whether through resolving technical issues swiftly or regularly refining our services based on your insightful feedback, we make it our mission to help you leverage Orange to the fullest and ensure your workflow is as efficient as possible. You’re not alone in your journey – the Orange team is at your side, every step of the way.


Efficiency, accuracy and utility – these descriptors aptly capture the essence of Orange, a pioneering voice-to-content tool. Designed with medical professionals in mind, it streamlines the process of converting spoken words from clinical interviews and consultations into well-structured, professional content.

Driven by high adaptability to diverse professional jargon and different formatting styles, Orange facilitates the creation of structured notes in a fraction of the time usually spent on this task. Its ability to recognise and adapt to the specific nuances of the clinical field makes it an invaluable tool for medical professionals worldwide.

Through the seamless transformation of voice-to-content, Orange recognises your challenging workflows and becomes a crucial player in your daily tasks – reducing your time spent on content creation by over 50%. What’s more, it achieves this without wavering from maintaining a high level of coherence and quality in every piece of content it generates.

As medical practitioners, you are confronted with the important task of constantly learning, innovating and improving in a rapidly evolving field. In this environment, trusting a tool like Orange can mean the difference between being bogged down by paperwork and having the freedom to fully engage in your core activities.

Your journey with Orange promises to be one less fraught with the struggle of creating structured content and more enriched with efficient and effective workflows. By choosing Orange, you are choosing to revolutionise the way you process and utilise your voice recordings, stepping into a future of enhanced professional productivity.

We encourage you to embark on this journey with us, transforming the way you create structured content, and experiencing the significant difference it can make in your professional life. Always remember, your success is our success. Together, let’s redefine efficiency in the medical field.

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question Answer
How much time can I save using Orange? Existing users such as medical professionals have reported time savings of over 50%, significantly enhancing workflow efficiency.
Can Orange adapt to specific formatting styles and templates? Yes, Orange is equipped to adapt to a variety of formatting styles and structured templates according to the user’s needs.
Is Orange suitable for creating content in various professional fields? Absolutely, Orange is designed to be versatile across different fields, adapting to their specific jargon and content-structuring requirements.
How accurate is Orange in transcribing and structuring content? Orange partners with multiple AI service providers to ensure high levels of accuracy in both transcription and structuring of content while upholding coherence and quality.
Do I need any technical skills to use Orange? No, Orange is designed with an intuitive user interface, making it approachable for users of all technical skill levels.

Glossary of Technical Terms related to Orange

  • Voice-to-Content: A feature that translates spoken words into organized, structured text.
  • AI Service Providers: External companies like OpenAI and Deepgram provide AI services for transcription and structuring content.
  • Professional Jargon: Special words or expressions used by a profession that are difficult for others to understand.
  • Structured Templates: Predefined formats for organizing and presenting content systematically.