Transform speech to clear structured text

Draft medical reports, patient histories, and research notes in a fraction of time.

Transform voice to clear structured text

The Challenge in Medical Notes

Creating accurate, coherent medical records is a vital yet time-consuming task for healthcare professionals. Orange streamlines this process, allowing more focus on patient care and less on paperwork.
The Struggle of Creating Structured Content

Orange for Medical Professionals

Orange effortlessly converts spoken words into professional medical documents. Designed to understand medical terminologies and adapt to various documentation styles, it works seamlessly on any mobile device or computer, requiring no additional setup.

  • Reduces the time spent on documentation by over 50%.
  • Ensures high-quality, coherent medical records.
  • Supports multi-person recordings and 100+ languages.

Who Can Benefit from Orange?

Ideal for doctors, nurses, healthcare administrators, and medical researchers, Orange efficiently transforms speech into structured medical content, directly from your device.

Who Can Benefit from Orange?

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